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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Tick Tock-The holiday Countdown is on

Tick Tock-The holiday Countdown is on

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy of Dawn’s Corner has brought us some great product ideas as we get closer to celebrating the 2023 Holidays.

Drinkmate OmniFizz –  The Drinkmate’s OmniFizz countertop unit is one of the leading home carbonation systems in the world. It’s patented, proprietary technology allows consumers to carbonate any kind of beverage safely and quickly. Most other home carbonation models only carbonate water. Drinkmate OmniFizz allows you to carbonate juice, tea, cold brew coffee, wine, and even cocktails.  drinkmate.us

Thicc Organics – is the must-have tool for healthy hair. Using 100% organic ingredients, the hair growth oil has received an overwhelming reaction on TikTok and Instagram with multiple videos going viral. With each ingredient chosen for efficacy and studied for hair health, Thicc Organics is a great holiday gift for clean beauty lovers. Shop thiccorganics.com

NeuLASH and NeuBROW – If you are looking for longer-looking lashes and fuller & thicker looking brows, neuLASH & neuBROW from Skin Research Laboratories are must haves for your beauty routine. neuLASH lash enhancing serum is trusted by millions to improve the weak appearance of their lashes in just 30 days. neuBROW brow enhancing serum® is an award-winning brow serum developed to promote fuller- and thicker-looking brows in 4-6 weeks. skinresearchlabs.com

Blissy Silk Pillowcases – Blissy is made from a proprietary 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk which equals enhanced sleep PLUS better hair, glowing skin, and reduced wrinkles. They are award winning, have over 100,000+ 5-star customer reviews, and over 3 million pillowcases sold! So buttery soft, you will melt into sleep! They have products for a quality night’s sleep, healthy hair, lounging and aromatherapy for your home. Also great for your health – they are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, non-irritating and keeps you cool while you sleep! For the holidays use-Coupon Code: “Dawn”- Get up to 50% off storewide (code gives the additional 25% which stacks with the 25% on the site) blissy.com/dawn

Maya’s Tiny Warriors, by a local high senior, Manasi Vegnesa, is perfect for parents to use as a conversation starter during the upcoming flu season this holiday. This story is about a young girl, Maya, who struggles with symptoms, and she doesn’t understand why she is sick. Thankfully, there are tiny warriors in her body that are battling for her well-being and readers will enjoy following the epic showdown between the immune system and the flu. The author was inspired to write this after years of suffering from several illnesses that caused her to research natural remedies to improve her health. She hopes that this book will give readers a better understanding of their bodies and how their immune system protects them against germs. manasikv.com