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– Celebrating Over a Decade On Air –

L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Hi, My name is Dawn McCarthy and I have been a On Air T.V Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor for the past decade showcasing over 350 products a year on T. V shows across the U.S.

I wanted to have a location on my website where every Tuesday, I uploade a video of a product or products that are gifted to me (some may even come from events honoring the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, or other awards shows), some simple tricks or trends I personally do or some that I may find brilliant on IG, or Tik Tok- Also, don’t worry my travel friends, foodies and dog lovers-I will be sharing lots from these categories too.

From time to time-I will also have other friends who are top in their Industries step in as well to share something they feel love, or that is just something everyone should know about, or how too (think makeup tricks, home improvement etc). If you have a product, or something you think I should share-Send me an email- Dawn@dawnscorner.com

Mother's Day Vase

Broomstick Treats

Bootastic Treats

DIY Cutting Board Hack

Confetti Launcher

Snap Pop Hack

DIY Cutting Board Hack

DIY Frozen Dog Treats

Mask Trick

Toothbrush Cover

Beauty Trick

Lash Tackle Box

Chub Rub

DIY Blanket to Pillow

Hardcandy Eye Shadow

DIY False Eye Lashes

Hollywood Swag Bag