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– Celebrating Over a Decade On Air –

L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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I'm a product junkie, wanna-be runner, dog mom, and love to travel

My name is Dawn McCarthy, and I am a beauty and lifestyle Advisor from Los Angeles - who for the first time is bringing fabulous product tips and finds directly to you! Dawn's Corner was launched in September of 2015 following a successful column "Dawn's Shopping Corner" featured in regional magazines throughout Southern California. In addition, over 9 years ago, I connected and started working with many public relation firms providing On-Air television segments on a monthly basis which showcased and promotes the fabulous products for everyone to see, follow, and connect with. I've featured over a few thousand products on television, print, and in magazines. In 2019, I featured over 300 products on my site with just over 350 products on television. Useful information from "What is Best for Your Pet" to "What the Celebrities are Receiving at the Oscars/Emmys" and everything in between, such as travel, beauty, fashion, food, fitness, baby and tech gadgets. After being named "The go to girl" for all types of products for any occasion and seen on every major network and cities across the U.S. (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and the CW), I am inspired to keep you updated on products and trends for a healthy, simple lifestyle. What makes me different than other "Experts/Advisors" is that every year I physically attend industry events, shows, and product expos. I just don't only cover what you see in the news, or everyday commercials. I have always been at the forefront of what's in and now, and love connecting with business owners, public relation firms, budding entrepreneurs, and that stay-at-home mom that just created the ultimate product that makes you think..."Why didn't I think of that?" I only work with products that I would personally use or recommend, so always feel free to reach out as I make sure to physically test and try each one. I want Dawn's Corner to reflect my personal taste and style showcasing great products that I come across and introducing you to brands you might have never heard of before. I also work with many Entrepreneurs getting them ready for their On-Air appearances, or what is more common lately-Skype or Zoom interviews-reach out if I can help you.   Our world is a big place and I welcome you to hang out in my "corner" for a little while. All the best, Dawn