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Earth Friendly Products

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Earth Friendly Products

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle advisor, Dawn McCarthy is here to share 5 Products to help us celebrate Earth Day this month.

NEIWAI – is creating a more sustainable consumer environment by focusing on quality over quantity and working with top fabric providers: PrimaLoft®, VITA, and Carbon Zero by TENCEL™ . NEIWAI’s packaging uses 40% fewer materials compared to traditional fashion brands. The PANTIE PRO® line is NEIWAI’s first reusable period underwear. NEIWAI also partnered with Wolford to create a sustainable collection with Cradle to Cradle® gold certification standard, featuring elegant styles and aesthetic expressions of contemporary women. neiwai.life

FryAway! We Love Fried Foods but cleaning up after frying is MESSY. What do you do with leftover cooking oil? FryAway is a plant-based, non-toxic powder that magically transforms used cooking oil into solid organic waste, so that it can easily be tossed into household trash. So go ahead, FryAway! Go to fryaway.co Or on Amazon

Aqua Paws by Patricia Allieri SPLISH! SPLASH! MEOW! Just in time for Earth Day, share the heartwarming story with your kids of Aqua Paws, a water-loving kitty with a fear of crabs. Aqua Paws pushes aside his worries to learn more about how we can all help our oceans. Also, included in the back is an Earth Day kids activity to help with recycling. Check out Patricia Allieri’s website  aquakidsbooks.com

SunnyGem Almond Oil –  Say Hello to SunnyGem! We have created one perfect cooking oil for any occasion: baking, sauteing, brushing, and finishing your favorite dishes.  It’s even better for your heart then other cooking oils. We are a vertically-integrated, family-owned, and operated almond company located in the Central Valley of California. Try SunnyGem’s price competitive, clean-label, farm-to-table Almond Oil today. sunnygemoil.com

Essential Elements (EE) – The Earth needs water and hydration, and so do our bodies. EE has partnered with Water.org to help with providing clean and safer water worldwide with every purchase. Unlike many sports drinks that mask the saltiness of electrolytes with an abundance of sugar, Essential Element’s careful formulation of Apple Cider Vinegar combined with essential minerals has zero sugar and provides the necessary electrolytes without nonessential calories. The science-backed formulation is ideal for quickly replenishing water and electrolyte loss resulting from exercise, sweating, heat and more. ee.fit