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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Health & Wellness Essentials

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Health & Wellness Essentials

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle advisor, Dawn `McCarthy is here to share some products to help keep us healthy, well and some that are great gifts to give.

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry – is a special keepsake for your wonderful newborn, embodying the effort and dedication that moms put into breastfeeding. These one-of-a-kind, custom-made breastmilk stone heirlooms celebrate that emotional, everlasting connection that can never be replaced. Not only are these pieces beautiful, but they also stand as universal symbols of love and devotion. Breastfeeding is an extremely personal process that is specific to every individual mother and child. We recognize that each experience is unique, and that all experiences deserve to be remembered, honored, and celebrated. And it helps with healing, with those mothers whose children were with them for only a short amount of time, to give them that precious memento of a lost life. keepsakemom.com

Jarrow Formulas®, a long-standing probiotic pioneer, brings you Fem-Dophilus® Advanced, their newest targeted probiotic product which supports vaginal, urinary tract, digestive and immune health in just one veggie capsule per day.* The 10-billion CFU formulation features six science-backed strains including strains native to a woman’s body,* helping to empower women to prioritize vaginal health. Jarrow- Methyl B-12-Did you know your brain and nerves need vitamin B12 to function properly? Methyl B-12 from Jarrow Formulas is one way to support energy metabolism at a cellular level. This vegan supplement also helps maintain Brain-Health, Vitality, and Levels of Restful Sleep – jarrow.com

Salonpas®– Effective, safe pain relief is just one ‘peel and place away’ with the unscented Salonpas Pain Relieving Flex Patch with Lidocaine.  Whatever you like to do to keep active –walking, running, yoga –  FLEX is your ‘partner’ easing the pain while you flex your muscles and joints while adhering and contouring to your body. Salonpas® Lidocaine FLEX is the latest innovation from the World’s #1 brand of pain relief patches. It has the maximum strength Lidocaine available without a prescription and puts it on a thin flexible fabric with strong adhesion. It’s a great patch for body parts that move bend, twist, and flex. Salonpas Lidocaine FLEX contours to your body and can be applied for up to 8 hours. The FLEX Patch can be found at Walmart.com, Krogers, Rite-Aid & Walgreens nationwide. salonpas.us

Bluelene – Developed by a human-aging scientist – Methylene Blue Reverses the cause of skin aging – doubles collagen & elastin and the first real Retinol alternative with no sun sensitive or sensitivity. Their Body Fix , Serums, and my go to daily product SunFix is a must. SunFix is the first FDA-approved coral safe multi-function anti-aging sunscreen with Methylene Blue. Patented anti-aging miracle worker Methylene Blue promotes skin cell health, repairs/reverses skin aging and protects against UVA/UVB radiation. BodyFix visibly repairs wrinkles on the neck, décolleté, knees, elbows, abdomen and hands. Methylene Blue doubles collagen & elastin, smoothing, hydrating and firming skin. bluelene.com

My Bougie Bottle – Each bottle holds 25oz. This is equal to over 3 cups of water. Drink 2-3 bottles and you’ve reached your daily water intake! Double-walled vacuum insulated means your Bougie Bottle will keep your drink at the ideal temperature, (cold for up to 24 hours, warm for up to 12hr, boiling hot for up to 6hrs. Stainless steel reusable bottle -refillable and so much better for the environment! Every time you fill a Bougie bottle, you’re PREVENTING 2-3 bottles of single-use plastic bottles from reaching the ocean and stopping them from going into landfills. Beautiful designs that are all inspired by our love of nature, with the purpose to raise awareness to take better care of our environment. The Rainforest Trust Bottle and Tumbler are in collaboration with the Rainforest Trust, whereby a portion of the proceeds are donated directly to help their conservation efforts. Use discount code DAWNCBS15 for 15% off and it’ll be valid until February 16th. mybougiebottle.com