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Products Created, Founded or Written by Women

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Products Created, Founded or Written by Women

Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy of Dawn’s Corner has brought us some great product ideas all created, developed or written by Women in honor of Women’s History Month.

Shore Shelf- Tired of placing your drink under your chair or hiding your phone under your towel- thanks to Melanie Melaragno she has the solution. Shore Shelf is a unique, foldable tray that clamps onto chair frames, keeping items within reach & sand-free. From the backyard to the beach, pool or on boats/cruises, arrive in style & enjoy freedom from the sand with Shore Shelf. Need one more idea-yes this even fits on wheelchairs! shoreshelf.com

Bluelene Sunscreen  Founder Dr. Kan Cao is a renowned scientist, anti-aging authority and professor of cell biology and molecular genetics at the University of Maryland who has created a line of skincare that is unmatched. Patented anti-aging miracle worker Methylene Blue promotes skin cell health, repairs/reverses skin aging and protects against UVA/UVB radiation. Methylene Blue doubles your body’s own collagen & elastin, smoothing, hydrating and firming the skin. It’s Spring, so among her top serums and creams- her sunscreen gives you the protection you need and pro-again benefits- bluelene.com

Off Topic Games– Owned and run by female founder, Allyssa Manning along with two friends, has created games that everyone can enjoy at home, in the car, or at the dinner table. Off Topic creates innovative games for everyone to enjoy. Last Call Drinking Game, will have everyone laughing all night. Answer ridiculous questions and compete in hilarious challenges, drinking while you do. Get The Picture Card Game, the ultimate word puzzle party game. Sound out the images to form the name of a famous person. Off Topic Ladies Night Game. One for the girls this game gets hilarious conversations going with questions designed by women for women. All games on their website but head to AMAZON.comtype in Off Topic and let the shopping begin-prices start at $14.99. offtopicgames.com

Anne Beall- is a award-winning author and psychologist, who recently released Only Prince Charming Gets to Break the Rules, which is perfect for Women’s History Month. What do fairy tales have to say about gender and following the rules?  Most traditional fairytales aren’t known for their female empowerment. Anne analyzed 200 major fairy tales from around the world and found that men and women are depicted in a drastically different light. She researches findings that reveal a link between gender and rule violation in fairy tales and everyday life. Her mission is to empower young women to reach their fullest potential. annebeall.com

Ere Perez-In 2002, her dream was realized and Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics was born in Bondi Beach, Sydney. Discover our skin-loving Beauty products like a top seller corn powder, designed to effortlessly reduce oil and stop shine. The product comes housed in our revolutionary Refill Case; free from plastic, hinges, paints, mirrors and glues. Add a touch of glam with our nourishing Mango lip honey; The ultimate long-lasting gloss with intense hydration and natural fruity ingredients!  At Ere cosmetics we strive for sustainable solutions across everything we do & lead the way with our innovative packaging and top selling beauty products. ereperez.com