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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Upcoming Holidays’ Sneak-Peek”

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Upcoming Holidays’ Sneak-Peek”

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy of Dawn’s Corner is here to show us 5 great products for any of the
“Holidays” this season.

Orgreenic Cookware – Chef Marcel Vigneron is the man behind our amazing, affordable cookware. Famous for his restaurant “WOLF” and “Beefsteak” has most recently competed on The Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions” He has competed in Bravo’s “Top Chef” and The Food Network’s “Iron Chef Vigneron has dedicated his life to gastronomy and honing his skills as a chef. He’s an artisan who has an affinity for culinary knowledge, who uses a knife as an extension of his hand, the kitchen as a workshop, and the earth as a grocery store. And he uses OrGreenic Cookware for everyday cooking!  originalorgreenic.com

Bag of Farts Cotton Candy– “Give the most memorable gift at the party with Bag of Farts Cotton Candy, where you will find a Fart for every season and every reason! This company was created to spread joy beyond the candy. 10% of profits are donated to organizations that make the world a SWEETER place like people and animals! Woman-owned. Smiles guaranteed.” bagoffarts.com

MixSupps – Our Little Sh!ts products are crafted to help prevent and relieve constipation issues in both adults and kids. The product dosage scales, so it’s gentle enough for toddlers, but powerful enough to handle adults. Made from a unique blend of magnesium and fiber, Little Sh!ts was formulated to unclog the body’s cleaning system by resetting the body’s digestive mechanism and making the process of going #2, #1.  mixsupps.com

POP IT PETS With over 100 miniature Pop It Pets to collect, this massive assortment will give kids plenty to collect! Each pet has been though Zully designed with a playful name, rarity type, birthday, unique personality, likes, dislikes and best friends (some even with special effects!). Pets belong to one of ten towns within the Pop It! Pet World and each town has a distinct landscape and leaders. A full map of the world can be created by puzzling together the back of each pet’s trading cards. The more you collect, the more you discover! popitpets.com

ActionHeat is the leader in Battery Heated Apparel. Constructed with high-performance heating elements, you can stay warm this winter with just the touch of a button. Simply plug in the battery, turn it on, and feel the warmth instantly. It’s like wearing a heated blanket everywhere you go! Machine Washable. Heats up to 150 Degrees. Lasts for up to 6 hours. actionheat.com