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5 Top Products for Summer 2023

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5 Top Products for Summer 2023

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to help us get ready for the Summer with some of her  “Summer SUNsational products she is loving.”

Shiseido- Established in 2019, Shiseido Blue Project is a global effort to promote the protection of our ocean. Through this initiative, Shiseido and World Surf League (WSL) have collaborated on another Limited-Edition packaging for Shiseido’s cult classic sunscreens, as well as series of activities that promote respect for the global ocean. shiseido.com

Chipper Sends Sunshine by Kimber Morgan- is a fun children’s book that is a #1 new release. Chipper Sends Sunshine by author Kimber Morgan. Chipper and his arctic friends travel south for some adventure in the sun at summer camp! They play, they swim, and they make new friends from around the world. But as summer ends, the characters learn how to keep in touch with their new friends and keep their summer adventure going. A mail-a-hug craft activity is included in the book. kimberfoxmorgan.com

SuperJeweler – has a buying team that has over 50 years of experience, and finds the best diamonds and gemstones at the best prices.  Since 1999 -SuperJeweler.com has been offering amazing jewelry at the absolute lowest prices.  All of their diamonds come from ethical, conflict-free suppliers and offer lab grown gems as well.  Superjeweler has a in house factory in NY where their master jeweler sets and perfects everything, and every single piece of jewelry ships FREE and comes with a No risk 60 day return policy and lifetime guarantee-If you are looking for great pricing, amazing collections, and options to choose from, go to superjeweler.com

The Lion Latch is a convenient way to store your tiny valuables on the go! It does not come unscrewed! You have to physically remove the customer carabiner ring in order to be able to pull the lid off! The carabiner also allows you to attach it to a larger item so you don’t lose it! Attach it to your keys so when it’s time to go, you see the Lion Latch and remember to put your jewelry back on! lionlatch.com

AlphaCool Cooling Products Stay cool this summer with AlphaCool’s innovative cooling products. Beat the heat and combat heat stress with our range of neck fans, cooling towels, and cooling vests. Our neck fans provide refreshing breezes wherever you go, while our cooling towels offer instant relief and rejuvenation. For ultimate cooling comfort, our cooling vests are designed to keep you cool and comfortable during outdoor activities. Don’t let the summer heat get to you, choose AlphaCool for a refreshing and cool experience. alphacoolproducts.com