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Summer Essentials & The Great Outdoors

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Summer Essentials & The Great Outdoors

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Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to give us some unique and fun gift ideas for Mom’s since Mother’s Day is next weekend

Bug Bite Thing uses suction to alleviate stinging, itching and swelling from bites/stings by extracting insect saliva/venom from underneath the skin. A Amazon’s #1 seller for insect bite relief with over 45,000 reviews this product is chemical-free, reusable and suitable for all ages.  It costs $9.95 including free shipping at bugbitething.com
Jarrow Formulas, the #1 probiotic brand for customer satisfaction, announced the launch of its new, innovative product line, Probiotic+ Gummies. The line features three premium, highly efficacious probiotic gummy formulas scientifically-supported to aid digestive, immune and gut health. jarrow.com
Secret Weightless Dry Spray: Secrets NEW weightless dry spray has the fix with an instantly dry feel formula, free of heavy waxes and alcohol, leaving underarms comfortable and protected. Secret Weightless Dry spray’s ergonomic grip bottle was designed for easy, targeted application.  That means more product where you need it for 48-hour sweat & odor protection. Sold nationwide or go to secret.com
Novid Nasal Spray– Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion & Inflammation with GetNovid. This all-natural nasal spray treats nasal allergies and reduces the symptoms of colds and sinus infections with a few squirts a day.  This product is non-addictive, created by Dr. Marc Kerner who is a top Ears, Throat & Nose surgeon for over 25 years. This product also fights virusus -so great for planes, concerts or while out in large crowds. Go To getnovid.com

True North Energy Drinks-Inspired by outdoor adventures and experiences, the True North Pure Energy Seltzer launch overhauls the sparkling water category and introduces a new arena of functional effervescence. True North Pure Energy Seltzer delivers all-natural hydration fueled by nature and inspired by the way you live life. class truenorthenergycom