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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy has some great product ideas for us to “Try” that we are calling- Try it Tuesday.

Monkey Rung Ladder Accessories Monkey Rung’s Patented, NEW ladder accessories make All Ladder Jobs EASIER, FASTER & SAFER!  Comes with 3 Interchangeable attachments to Hold Tools, Paint Cans, Buckets, Bags, Shop Vacs & ANYTHING YOU NEED ON A LADDER!  Works on ALL Major Ladder Brands & Simple & Easy to Install with NO TOOLS! It’s also a great gift for Dad or the DIY fan in your life monkeyrung.com
The Phone Stick Many times consumers find themselves in a chair with no choice than to hold their phone to do a face time call, zoom call, or just stream a movie with no place to position or prop up their phone.  The phone stick is the answer because it allows a smart phone (any size0, landscape. or portrait to be attached comfortably to the consumer’s leg, or arm of a chair. The product is available in two colors, Black or white and under $20 dollars.  What’s nice about this product is that it is manufactured in the US and thephonestick.com
Waterdrop®’s mission is to be the world‘s leading hydration brand by empowering all people to live healthy & sustainable lives. Founded in 2016 in Austria, waterdrop® has revolutionized the beverage industry with the world’s first ‘microdrink. The brand is also expanding through drink tech, drinkware, and filtration systems to provide its customers with a whole hydration solution. Water just got a whole lot tastier. waterdrop.com
Bunster, An Easter StoryElitone- 1 in 3 women endure pelvic floor disorders that cause incontinence and leaks. Treatment options once included only internal treatments, and/or surgery. Women now have an easy, effective, EXTERNAL alternative with ELITONE®. Elitone does your Kegel exercises for you, longer and stronger than you can on your own, while dressed and active. You will see results in 1-2 weeks, and it has a 95% success rate.  elitone.com
DIY– Serving platters for under $3.00. I purchased glue, plates, bowls and cups from Target. For products featured on air, please contact Dawn@Dawnscorner.com for further information.