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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Fabulous Fall Finds 2021

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Fabulous Fall Finds 2021

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to show us 5 products we should get this fall. 
Skinni Bean Keto Brew  IF you like a daily cup of joe-you are going to love Skinni Bean Keto Brew- It has MCT oil, that helps convert fat into energy, promotes weighloss, sugarfree-which means diabetic friendly, and  won’t give you coffee jitters,- I also like that it contains 500mg of Collagen, and Blue Lotus Flower-known for it’s mood enchancing properties,.. Developed during covid by a mom-this is a Fall Find you need to add to your shopping list skinnibean.com
Febreze Unstopables TOUCH Fabric Spray The NEW Febreze Unstopables TOUCH Fabric Spray combines odor elimination with touch-activated scent technology by storing scent in soft surfaces to release a burst of freshness, up to 100 touches. To use, gently shake, then spray onto those hard-to-wash fabrics (think couches, rugs, etc.) and simply give it a touch to reactivate for that burst of freshness. It’s available in 3 scents including Fresh, Paradise, and Breeze. You can purchase Febreze TOUCH Fabric Spray at retailers nationwide staring at $3.99. febreze.com/en-us
Dion Michaels has created a simple two step results-driven skincare system for all MEN created to tackle their top skin challenges impacting them from razor burns to dry beards. At Dion Michaels when it comes to your skin their products take you from ordinary to confident in as little as 14 days.” This product is available for one time purchase or a monthly subscription and don’t forget this Special offer – 20% off single delivery bundle for the month of Self Care Month.  dionmichaels.com
SuperGreen TONIK Create your perfect day, with our special blend of 38 science-backed superfoods, adaptogens and antioxidants that boosts Immunity, helps sleep, reduces stress, aids in weight Management and Brain Function. We pride ourselves on full transparency and provide the exact dosages for each ingredient on the label. Health has never tasted this good; 365 Day-Money-Back Guarantee, Risk-Free & Free Shipping.  Your nutritional insurance is just one scoop away. supergreentonik.com
Popdarts is this year’s hottest new game. After a TikTok went viral with 23 million views, brothers Josh and Jason Carman quit their steady jobs in finance to pursue Popdarts full time. Popdarts are suction darts that stick to smooth surfaces such as countertops, windows, car windshields and glass doors. Put down the screens and reconnect with your friends and family with Popdarts! popdartsgame.com