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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Back to School-Back to Work

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Back to School-Back to Work

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Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to show us 6 products that are Great for Back to School or for going Back to Work.
Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Face Moisturizer is formulated with Olay’s powerhouse peptide formula that features small molecules that penetrate the skin surface, visibly firming skin in just one day. Olay’s highest concentration of peptide molecules have been shown to boost natural collagen production, AND it’s proven to hydrate better than a $400 cream and dermatologist recommended! olay.com
WOW Skin Science– Apples aren’t only great for teachers, but also to clarify and detox your hair & skin.  Packed with ultra-rich natural ingredients, the Amazon Top-Selling WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Coconut Avocado Conditioner is the dynamic solution to revive your hair. Suitable for all hair types, it will leave your hair smoother, stronger, and flake-free. For brighter, balanced skin, the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Face Wash has a built-in silicone brush that gently exfoliates to deep clean pores, removes impurities, and helps banish acne breakouts buywow.com
Clio Snacks – Granola & Yogurt Parfait-Clio is shaking up the breakfast and snacking category with the world’s first Granola & Yogurt Parfait bar, available in Strawberry and Coconut. Combining Clio’s signature creamy cheesecake-like yogurt with a layer of crunchy granola, Clio takes the classic parfait everyone knows and loves and flips it on its head into a “crave-able” snack bar you can grab from your fridge. cliosnacks.com
Dawn Antibacterial Hand Soap has a dual formula that both cuts grease on dishes with 50% less scrubbing* and removes up to 99% of bacteria from hands. You can count on this product not only to cut through the grease on dirty dishes, but also fight bacteria on hands – meaning you can tackle both jobs with just one product at the kitchen sink. dawn-dish.com
PranaSpaCeuticals: Pimple Dimple Acne Patches-BanAcne & the PMS kit- No one wants to start the school year with Acne or PMS symptoms, and I have just the products to help. The Pimple Dimple Acne Patches are the Simple and perfect antidote for overnight care that works like a sponge to purge the blemish from infection and is general neutral. The BanAcne KIT is a must for teens! Banana oils naturally help prevent breakouts from the start, and this system will have you clear in no time. The PMS kit contains specific products to address all the PMS symptoms. Check out all the options-Go to pranaspaceuticals.com

ChildLife Essentials: Daily Core Essentials -For over 20 years, ChildLife Essentials® has been offering premium nutritional supplements to support children’s health from infancy through their teen years to keep them healthy and strong. Their ‘Daily Core Essentials’ help improve, enhance, and support children’s overall health for life, and back to school! Follow @ChildLifeEssentials on Instagram for great discounts, big giveaways, virtual fun, and more! Learn more at ChildLifeNutrition.com, and purchase at https://www.iherb.com/c/childlife, using code MOTHER2021 for 10% off!