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Back to School-Home Edition

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Back to School-Home Edition

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle advisor, Dawn McCarthy is here to show us some products that are great for Moms, Dads, Kids and babies… in honor of our own Ali who is due this month.
Save The Girls Touch Screen Purses – Our touch screen purse is the perfect gift, and essential for Back to School! You can use all of your smartphone functions (call, text, email) without removing it! This means your phone is protected from damage and GERMS because it is safely tucked inside the touchscreen pocket! They are affordable, fashionable and give back-check them out.  savethegirls.com
My Wrap Away- Do you open your closet and look at your tank tops and sun-dresses and think, “I’d love to wear those, but the house/restaurant/theater/museum will be cold.”  If I wear these, then I’ll need to lug around a cardigan or sweatshirt.  Well, not anymore! Now there’s Wrap Away! The only portable wrap that folds into itself! This is perfect for Back to School at home when you just want to throw something over your shoulders or their NEW CHILL EDITION you can get wet if you are outside and need to stay cool. mywrapaway.com
Orpheus Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence A moisture surge essence that plumps, protects, and illuminates skin for a perfect dewy glow any time of day. Formulated like an active lightweight serum, this multi-correctional silky essence mist delivers a re-energizing burst of hydration and nutrients. Active yet gentle for use on sensitive skin, adding a radiant glow and instant hydration. This product will also protect skin from pollution, UV oxidation, and blue light (ideal when staring at screens). Vegan and perfect for all skin types. orpheus-skin.com
Whisps Snacks is the cheese crisps snack company that’s on a mission to bring premium, quality cheese to people nationwide. Made with 100% real cheese and select premium spices, all Whisps are baked and not fried, have 10g+ of protein and only 3g of carbs per serving (3g). Whisps are also an excellent source of calcium, gluten free, keto, and vegetarian friendly making this the perfect snack to have around while you are doing school from home. Also, check out their TWO new flavors Tangy Ranch and Nacho-sold nationwide. whisps.com
GoGo squeeZ- TWO new products from GoGo squeeZ just in time for Back to School. The first is GoGo Big squeeZ – BIG because it’s 33% bigger than existing GoGo squeeZ fruit pouches. Available in 6 flavors with ½ cup fruit per pouch, they’ll be sure to wow your taste buds! Perfect for older kids, bigger appetites, and bigger adventures! Then, for our toddlers and younger kids, introducing– GoGo squeeZ happy tummieZ Happy TummieZ come in 4 delicious, organic flavors and are made of 100% fruits, veggies, & plant-based prebiotic fiber. Perfect for younger kids and toddlers. Both these new products are found on the shelf next to the base GoGo squeeZ and available at all major retailers including Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Go visit gogosqueez.com

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