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Wintertime Health & Wellness

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Wintertime Health & Wellness

Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to share some of her favorite Wintertime Health & Wellness products.

Bluelene – This is a Beauty product that is outperforming Retinol-yes outperforming Retinol with zero irritation and no sun sensitivity as some retinols make skin more prone to burns and photo aging.  This product was developed by a woman who is a scientist that studies the human aging process and how to slow it down.  The secret ingredient is Methylene Blue which doubles your body’s own collagen & elastin, provides smoothing, hydration, and firming the skin. BodyFix which I love uniquely targets wrinkles & dry patches on the body, neck, décolleté, knees, elbows, abdomen and hands. bluelene.com

Struesli is granola redefined without any added sweeteners, grains, or fillers and packed with antioxidants, prebiotics, protein, and healthy fats from 100% plant-based, USDA certified organic ingredients. Superfood nuts and seeds like tiger nuts, raw walnuts, and black chia seeds make up anti-inflammatory clusters that can be used as a versatile topper on sweet and savory recipes from yogurt bowls to avocado toast. struesli.com

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 Coming out of the holidays, it can be difficult to stick to healthy routines and be motivated to prioritize your overall wellness. But Jarrow Formulas is here to help. This year, “B” You with Methyl B-12, a supplement which can help support cellular energy production to keep you on top of your New Year’s resolutions. jarrow.com

Esponjabon – was created and founded by Emilio Smeke who was born and raised in Mexico. He created this brand over 25 years ago, and it’s now a sensation on Tik Tock with over 220 million views.  Esponjabon is a unique 2-in-1 soap and sponge cleanser available in six scents with amazing active formulas for your skin, and for both men and Women. My favorite is the Mother of Pearl to brighten and clarify, but they have Charcoal to purify, Aloe Vera to hydrate, Cucumber Melon to moisturize, Lavender to soothe, and Oatmeal to exfoliate and polish the skin.  He has created a multi-functional product for everyone in the family. esponjabon.com

Yoga Purse is a Las Vegas made brand. Designed to carry a yoga mat AND all your essentials in one purse. Angela Bliss created Yoga Purse when she couldn’t find a stylish and functional bag to carry a yoga mat. So she created one that would. Check out her website for tons of fun unique colors and designs. yogapurse.com