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Springtime & Earth Day

Springtime & Earth Day

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to share 6 products to enjoy this Springtime & Earth Day.

Serenity Organizers – Fly smarter in economy this Spring-Summer with our ingenious travel tray organizer-tote. Packed with ample pockets, it keeps essentials stored at your fingertips and trays clean. Plus, it converts into a handy drawstring tote. It’s always comforting to know that when you disembark, you will never leave anything behind (again!)—your ultimate travel companion. Washable. Lightweight. Antimicrobial and great for your kids or you. serenityorganizers.co

Essential C’s Konjac Jelly is a refreshing snack that can help with your overall wellness goals this Spring. One pouch is only 10 calories and contains Collagen and Vitamin C. A boost of Collagen and Vitamin c helps to improve skin elasticity, provide joint & muscle support, optimize the immune system, and promote bright & healthy skin. everydaze.com

Charlie Chaloosy is Often Quite Choosy, by Brad Mason. This first book in the series focuses on young Charlie, who, like many kids, is very particular about everything – he only has one outfit and will only eat peanut butter on toast. But when Charlie meets a new friend, he discovers the thrill of trying new things. Join him on a journey of bravery, fun, and the excitement that comes with taking risks. charliechaloosy.com

Gloves In A Bottle is your ultimate hand-care solution. Combat dry and itchy hands with our deep moisturizing shielding lotion. Each application provides 4+ hours of protection, even when regularly washing hands. Its non-greasy, quick-absorbing formula provides quick relief. Try our newest Botanical formula and experience the power of nature, enriched with five unique plant ingredients. Embrace healthier, happier hands. glovesinabottle.com

Tata Raasa With global foods trending in 2024, the new Tata Raasa brand offers a decadent range of delicious, ready-to-eat Indian meals in four varieties — Royal Black Lentils, Rich Coconut Lentils, Regal Chickpea Tikka and Majestic Red Bean Curry, crafted with authentic sauces, flavors and spices, perfect for enhancing springtime menus. raasa.com

Martinelli’s Apple Juice – This Earth Day, and every day, Martinelli’s Apple Juice is an all-natural choice you can feel good about, made from 100% recyclable packaging and naturally gluten-free. For more than 155 years, the Martinelli family has been producing premium apple juice and sparkling cider from 100% juice with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Martinelli’s products are available at leading grocery stores, supermarkets, natural food and club stores nationally. Go to martinellis.com for easy-to-make food and drink recipes and more.