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Sneak Peek- Holiday Gift ideas

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Sneak Peek- Holiday Gift ideas

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy gives us a Sneak Peek into some great gift ideas for everyone in the family for this year’s holidays.

Everyday For Future prides itself on being sustainable by minimizing the use of plastic and its derivatives and promoting the use of recycled materials. The brand has a full line of high-performance skincare, made from natural and organic ingredients. Products in the line include face masks, face scrubs, face creams, lip balms, lip scrubs, under-eye treatments, and special holiday collections like the ChocoHug which is a real treat for your skin. everydayforfutureusa.com

Luxie Beauty – LUXIE takes the guess work out of gift giving with these curated sets featuring some of LUXIE’s best-selling, vegan, high-performance makeup brushes. Golden Glow Set and Stardust Sets includes a set of glimmering brushes needed to create a full face look. These brushes feature easy-to-grip handles and are stored in a sophisticated brush holder that adds elegance to any vanity or travel kit. Skinsential Skincare Set is a 6-piece skincare set that helps spread, smooth, and evenly apply gels, creams, serums, and more with these brushes that absorb little to no product, letting nothing go to waste. Getaway Travel Set features 4 makeup brushes and a sponge secure in the travel-friendly and stylish pouch. The Brow Set features essential tools needed to sculpt, fill, and style your best brows. Go to luxiebeauty.com to order yours today.
CASHFLOW® BOARD GAME Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” created CASHFLOW for family fun, financial literacy. CASHFLOW for Kids is the safest way to teach kids valuable life lessons without taking actual risk. Playing the game and simulation will enable your children to develop good behavior which will help them not just to survive and escape the rat race, but actually live a meaningful life richdad.com or on Amazon amazon.com
Crown to Tail Dog Treats-Have you ever noticed when you give your dog a new treat you always smell it first?  Me too!  When they started creating this line, the treats had to be so tasty that pups would have to hide them from their human. Using the highest quality natural ingredients, you won’t find any preservatives in these tasty snacks.  Once you smell them, you’re definitely going to want to try them for yourself! My favorite is Christmas Breakfast Flavor, I mean my dogs. crowntotail.com
Rambee Boo Books. In Rambee Boo’s Snowed in Too, a big snowstorm has Rambee Boo and his friends divided! While Rock loves to play in the snow, Rambee Boo sits by the window, worried about freezing his paws. The readers will find out if Rock can think of a clever way to get Rambee Boo to join in the winter fun.  In Rambee Boo and the Christmas Sock, the Rambee Boo friends are decorating for Christmas when they discover that Rambee Boo’s favorite sock is missing! Readers will join in on Rambee Boo and Rock’s special Christmas story filled with love and the magic during the holidays! This award-winning series features themes such as problem solving, teamwork, patience, anxiety, which makes it perfect for home and the classroom. Kids can have their own comfort Sock like Rambee Boo to provide emotional comfort and support. wamanbooks.com