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Products to Try and Ready in 2024

Products to Try and Ready in 2024

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy has some Top Products for us to Try out in 2024 and even a good read.

VitaCup- Slim Protein Coffee blends exquisite, deep coffee flavors with smooth, nourishing protein. Each cup offers a luxurious taste experience along with 10g of high-quality protein, perfectly balancing rich aroma and health benefits. Make your mornings both guilt-free indulgent and beneficial for your fitness journey with VitaCup Slim Protein Coffee. vitacup.com

Cleo & Hooman – Keep your pup clean and happy with Zoomie Wipes by Cleo & Hooman. Embrace the ease of on-the-spot freshness with Zoomie Wipes, a refreshing “spaw” day for your pup wherever you are. Their individually wrapped wipes tuck tidily into your bag or pocket, ready to tackle those out-of-the-blue messes with ease. Discover the natural, easy way to freshen up your pet on-the-go. These wipes are hypoallergenic and safe for pups with sensitive skin-go to their website to get yours today. cleoandhooman.com

Be-Tween is creating healthy and happy skincare habits for both boys and girls with a focus on creating a fun routine that is as simple and enjoyable as it is effective. Safe for all skin types making it perfect for on-the-go tweens. They do not test products on animals and your tween will love how their skin looks and feels!

A Simple Foundation – 5 Universal Principles for Building a Great Relationship with God by Larry Heitz- Embarking on a new year, many are seeking a way to bring peace in their home life, work life, and spiritual life. A Simple Foundation by Larry Heitz is a great read for 2024 as it provides simple, relatable guidance on building a solid foundation, based on Scripture, to live a truly exciting and rewarding life. The author provides five principles to strengthen your faith which involve simplifying, thanking, listening, acting, and trusting. No matter what your religion, this book is a must-read for all seeking a solid foundation upon which to base their lives. asimplefoundation.com

The Drinkmate OmniFizz – is one of the leading home carbonation systems in the world. It’s patented, proprietary technology allows consumers to carbonate ANY kind of beverage safely and quickly. Most other home carbonation models only carbonate water. Drinkmate OmniFizz allows you to carbonate juice, tea, cold brew coffee, wine, and even cocktails with a press of a button. idrinkproducts.com