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Last Minute Christmas Ideas & Products to Try in 2024

Last Minute Christmas Ideas & Products to Try in 2024

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn  McCarthy has some great last minute product ideas for Christmas and New Years.


My Baby Hair – Let’s start off with DAD who could benefit from Beards & Bourbon. It’s a sophisticated grooming line that provides natural product for men to have their beards looking their best every day! The grooming travel kit is a must add to cart and a gift he can enjoy all year long.The Baby Care Kids line comes in Strawberry or Blueberry scent and is vegan. It’s Shampoo-Bodywash, and Conditioner and a candy Hair Mask are UNDER $50. For us women, I recommend checking out their shampoo, conditioners and masks for every day which come in many options depending on your hair needs- I love the hydrating line personally, but just starting using the Rosemary shampoo to help with some hair growth. So get back the hair you were born with and check out mybabyhair.com

Murf Electric Bikes –  This e-bike pioneer delivers powerful, yet comfortable solutions for cyclists of all levels and has unveiled the latest addition to its e-bike lineup – the Higgs Cargo. This innovative passenger e-bike is designed to provide families with an unmatched combination of convenience, accessibility, comfort and control, enhancing the ways riders navigate various cities and adventures. Made especially for women and smaller riders like myself, the Higgs Cargo is a game-changer in the world of passenger e-bikes. As Murf’s lowest-profile cargo bike, its compact and comfortable design redefines accessibility, allowing a wider range of riders to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of e-bike commuting. This holiday season & as we head into 2024, the whole family can explore new horizons and create cherished memories. Learn more about Murf’s full fleet of e-bikes and accessories, don’t forget your helmet, and see what sets the Murf community apart, go to- murfelectricbikes.com

BLUELENE -They just launched a new Face & Neck Remodel Mask which has the ultimate all-star line-up of the most innovative age reversal ingredients. They combined their patented anti-aging active Methylene Blue with Growth Factors, and Advanced Peptides for truly stunning results. This mask literally remodels the face and neck by lifting sagging neck skin-which many women forget to focus on our neck, aids in contouring the jawline, smoothing wrinkles, and bringing back suppleness and elasticity. Use daily for 4 weeks to experience contoured, younger skin, or use 1-3x a week as needed for plump, firm, deeply hydrated skin. I love this brand, because it is deeply rooted in science and Dr. SOW’s research shows that it is an amazing alternative as well to retinol-without any irritation. So-what are you waiting for? Go check out bluelene.com

Brutus Bone Broth – for all my Fur Parents, like myself- you need to add Brutus Broth to your dogs daily feeding routine – This all-natural, human grade bone broth for dogs is a daily boost of added nutrients and support your pup needs.  It’s easy, cost-effective and you just shake it and pour over your dogs current food at mealtime. This product is really great for picky eaters, senior dogs, but any and all dogs can benefit. It’s offered in Beef, Chicken, Pork & Salmon flavor that all aid in digestion, detoxifies their system, and Brutus Broth specifically is fortified with added glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint support. They are now available at 650 Publix locations in Florida and Georgia, and in New York at Target, ShopRite, Petco, and more- or go to brutusbroth.com