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Honoring Women’s History Month

Honoring Women’s History Month

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Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle advisor, Dawn McCarthy is here to share 5 products that were founded, created, written by or developed by Women in Honor of Women’s History Month!

Natracare – Founded in 1989, Susie Hewson pioneered Natracare’s eco-friendlier range, including Cleansing Make-up Remover Wipes, Organic Tampons and Pads. Dedicated to sustainability, Natracare offers plastic-free range of period products to maternity pads, available at Whole Foods, Kroger, Amazon, and Fred Meyer. Susie’s 30-year commitment emphasizes reducing plastic, promoting menstrual equity, and providing certified organic, non-toxic options for a greener and healthier future. natracare.com

L FORD Skin Care’s unique formulations are the brainchild of CEO Dr. Laleh Ford. L FORD Skin Care formulas have been uniquely developed by hand and advanced laboratory tested. The unique formulas work by using specific delivery systems that allow the products to penetrate the skin. The carefully studied and researched formulas include several patent pending formulas that repair and nourish the skin. L Ford skincare is available online but is also known for its in-person location in the coast of Newport Beach located at CDM Drugs where you can pre order and pick your skincare products. lfordskincare.com

Scent Si Bon Adrina is the Founder and CEO of Scent Si Bon Inc. With a lifelong passion for niche and designer fragrances, Adrina has created a brand of products to turn your ordinary chores into an extraordinary, luxurious experience. Developed with prestigious, fragrance-infused products, Adrina’s appreciation for the finer things inspired her to create everyday products that bring enjoyment, uniqueness, and luxury to everyone’s daily life. From her laundry detergent sheets and dryer sheets that are celebrity favorites to her Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets- these innovative cleaning solutions are all space savers, and your next planet earth saver! I love the hand soap tablets personally. So,  Clean your way to luxury with Scent Si Bon! scentsiboninc.com

Sam Says: You Are Born to Shine by Sam Hirschmann is an inspiring children’s book that is perfect for Womens History Month. When Sam starts at a new school, her classmates make fun of her colorful clothes and funny dance moves. Not letting her inner light dim, Sam shows them that the joy you exude when you’re unapologetically yourself is contagious! The author encourages readers to let their light shine by being themselves and to realize that their uniqueness is a gift and their own unique superpower. samsaysbooks.com

Kids Trucker Hats is female founded by two SoCal moms with a mission to create top-quality kids’ trucker hats that embody the essence of beachside fun. Their passion project swiftly evolved into a successful Southern California business with fashionably cool and vibrant designs. These hats symbolize carefree childhood adventures, blending comfort, style, and durability with a twist of tropical vibes. Crafted with love, they inspire kids to embrace SoCal’s laid-back beach life. kidstruckerhats.com