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L.A. Based Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy bringing fabulous product tips and finds!

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Big Game Gifting Lounge

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Big Game Gifting Lounge

Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy of Dawn’s Corner presents a SNEAK PEEK at the products being featured at the Big Game Gifting Lounge” hosted by Luxury Experience & Co 

Goorin Bros. Farm TruckersGoorin Bros have been a family-owned business since 1895- Fabrics, animals, colors, and playful words will always change, but their signature silhouette remains the same; you always know what you are getting with Goorin Bros. Cultivate your own unique style with original Goorin animal patches featuring a range of iconic and tongue in cheek slogans. goorin.com

The Apollo wearable is the first scientifically proven touch therapy device that goes beyond data tracking to actively improve the body’s resilience to stress. With the device’s help, over time your body learns to recover from stress more quickly, so you can relax, sleep better (gain 30 minutes per night) and find deeper focus. apolloneuro.com

Unmatched” by Revolver PR- Revolver PR, an award-winning PR agency elevating brands through campaigns that resonate with global audiences, for sports, entertainment and lifestyle brands.  Revolver PR is committed to shinning a light on your story, so millions can be inspired. Warming hearts and lighting new paths to elevate your brand, with an unmatched ability to maintain grace under fire. They will be offering consultations on site and a signature candle. revolver-pr.com

SmOAK Collection –Putting and swing training tool designed to give golfers real time feedback at setup, the new “SmOAK” collection from 7Oak Eyewear gives you the ability to “see the feel” – Train your eyes to see the line and your body will develop the feel for a confident stroke with the first ever eye-alignment eyewear for golf. sevenoakeyewear.com

DAX hair products have been proudly made in the USA since the 1950’s, a fitting era to introduce their hair pomades that helped create and hold pompadours, jelly rolls and other dos that Elvis, Little Richard and other notable musicians put on the map.  It’s no wonder then that DAX’s iconic pomade tins will evoke a nostalgic vibe for many, but don’t be fooled! Their tried & true products remain relevant, and their versatility has helped both men and women create trendy, hip hairstyles to date. daxhaircare.com