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Back to School 2022

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Back to School 2022

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy helps us prep for heading Back to School with some must have products to add to your list.
Novid Nasal Spray– Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion, & Inflammation with GetNovid. This all-natural nasal spray treats nasal allergies and reduces the symptoms of colds and sinus infections with a few squirts a day.  This product is non-addictive, created by Dr. Marc Kerner who is a top Ears, Throat & Nose surgeon for over 25 years. This product also fights viruses -so great for kids heading back to school, getting on planes, going to concerts or while out in large crowds. Go To getnovid.com
French Toast – is on a mission to help all kids shine, offering premium quality schoolwear at the best prices. French Toast offers thoughtfully designed schoolwear that’s easy to care for and easy to wear. With features that are durable, comfortable, and ready for action – meet the most kid-friendly clothes ever made for school that are affordable and can be found at Amazon, TJ Maxx, Kohls and of cours. frenchtoast.com
Electrolit Zero – is clinically proven to rehydrate and refuel the body after experiencing heat, exertion or illness. Perfect for college athletes as back to school season approaches. Formulated with minerals and ions for electrolyte absorption, Electrolit serves as a health friendly drink option, with zero added calories or sugar. electrolit.com
Genuine Health Clear Focus – For the upcoming school year, Clear Focus gives you a calm focus, for when you need to tackle something that requires mental energy and concentration. It helps eliminate brain fog and mental fatigue in a non-jittery way, as well as supports brain health long term. Clear Focus includes 5 hand-picked natural ingredients that work together to support your learning, memory, focus, attention, mood and resistance to stress. genuinehealth.com
RIND Snacks – For moms needing an easy snack at soccer practice or students craving something nutritious between classes, RIND makes healthy snacking easy for busy lifestyles. Encouraging consumers to ‘Keep it Real & Eat the Peel’, RIND helps people snack better and do better by eating the whole fruit for maximum nutrition and zero waste! rindsnacks.com
Yoobi The Yoobi x Marvel collection includes pencil cases, notebooks, lunch bags, water bottles, and will assemble an array of fan-favorite characters from the Marvel Universe, with everyone from Spider-Man to Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the Hulk, and Iron Man making an appearance this back to school season. yoobi.com