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6 Top Products to Kick off 2024

6 Top Products to Kick off 2024

Picture of Dawn McCarthy

Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy is here to help us get ready to kick off the New Year with some products she says you need to try for a better and healthier 2024!

Unite Protein Bars – A Delicious Revolution in Health Snacking- Unite Protein Bars are transforming the health snack landscape with their unique, globally-inspired flavors. Crafted with natural ingredients, these bars provide a perfect balance of protein, fiber, and taste.Ideal for on-the-go nutrition, they cater to health-conscious individuals seeking both taste and nourishment. Experience a world of flavor in every bite! Available in Houston at your local Sprouts or H.E.B. stores or go to unitefood.com

Bluelene – is excited to introduce their new Face & Neck Remodel Mask. This mask has the ultimate all-star line-up of the most innovative age reversal ingredients. They combined their patented anti-aging active Methylene Bluewith Growth Factors, and Advanced Peptides for truly stunning results. This mask literally remodels the face and neck by lifting sagging neck skin, contouring the jawline, smoothing wrinkles, and bringing back suppleness and elasticity.Use daily for 4 weeks to experience contoured, younger skin, or use 1-3x a week as needed for plump, firm, deeply hydrate skin. I love this brand, because it is deeply rooted in science and Dr. Cao’s research shows that it is an amazing alternative to retinol – without any irritation. Go to bluelene.com

Thicc Organics – is the must-have tool for healthy hair. Using 100% organic ingredients, the hair growth oil has received an overwhelming reaction on TikTok and Instagram with multiple videos going viral. With each ingredient chosen for efficacy and studied for hair health, Thicc Organics is a great holiday gift for clean beauty lovers. Shop thiccorganics.com

Lovet Planner’s Vision Board Kit – Created by Sayeh Berkovitz who is all about empowering women to create the life they truly deserve. She believes that every woman has the power to dream big and make those dreams a reality. With the Lovet Planner’s Vision Board Kit, picturing your dream life just got easier. You get two books: one to help you plan out your goals and another filled with images to spark your imagination. Dive in and start dreaming lovetplanners.com

Wondercide – As seen on Shark Tank, Wondercide is plant-powered pest control for pets, families, homes, and yards – and it’s lab-proven to work. Products include bug sprays and insect repellents that come in four scents pets and people love, a flea-and-tick line that includes collars and spot ons, and innovations like the new Flying Insect Trap. wondercide.com

YMI Jeans –is a trendsetting denim brand established in the heart of Los Angeles in the year 2000 that gained popularity during the rise of Y2k Fashion. Known for designing figure-flattering styles that cater to all different body types, YMI seamlessly blends comfort and style, making it a go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals seeking trendy, flattering, and inclusive denim at an affordable price. ymijeans.com