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4 Perfect Back to School Products

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4 Perfect Back to School Products

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Dawn McCarthy

Beauty and lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy has 4 perfect products for Back to School.

Bath & Body Works – I am excited to partner with Bath & Body Works for Back to School, is the place to go to add Hand Soaps and Hand Sanitizers to your back-to-school list. Spread love, not germs with Bath & Body Works, choosing from 4 Hand Soap formulas & 3 types of Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizers—available in more than 50 fragrances! Go to a local location near you or online at bathandbodyworks.com

Azuna is a plant-based, tea tree oil gel available in multiple scents that neutralizes surrounding mildew, bacteria, fungus to eliminate odors at their source from a room, garage, dorm room, boat, gym locker and more. It works in your fridge to extend the life of fresh food products. It doesn’t mask a bad scent; it removes the root cause from the area. It is pure and natural with no harmful chemicals or additives, and each container lasts 60-90 days in approximately a 200 square foot room. azunafresh.com

KRAM Nutrition makes healthy, on-the-go pb&j’s that will fuel your body with protein and minerals. KRAM sandwiches are high in protein and use only organic peanuts, all-fruit jellys and natural sweeteners. These prepackaged pb&j’s are great for school lunches, a snack before your kids’ sports practice or just a meal on-the-go. You can find KRAM in your local Sprouts, Erewhon or Central Market grocery stores or on their website and Amazon. kramnutrition.com
Genuine Health Clear Focus – For the upcoming school year, Clear Focus gives you a calm focus, for when you need to tackle something that requires mental energy and concentration. It helps eliminate brain fog and mental fatigue in a non-jittery way, as well as supports brain health long term. Clear Focus includes 5 hand-picked natural ingredients that work together to support your learning, memory, focus, attention, mood and resistance to stress. genuinehealth.com