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Top 10 Reasons to be Thankful for your Dog Dawn McCarthy Nov 2017 The Beauty Battalion




It’s November — what better time to remind ourselves to be Thankful — for the comforts around us, our family, friends (both in the real world and online) and, of course, for the dogs we share our lives with. Thanksgiving is the time to reflect, count our blessings, and feel lucky for what we have. Hopefully you can give thanks for your health, your loved ones, your many achievements, and for our furry friends-for the unique love they provide, and the countless ways in which they enrich our lives.  If you were to do a top 10 of why you are Thankful for your Dog/Pet-what would be on your list? Well, below is mine, and hope you agree.


1. They make us better. Our pets improve us in so many ways. Studies show that petting an animal can reduce a person’s heart rate as well as their blood pressure, and animals keep us physically healthier overall because they keep us moving. Also, the endless joy they bring increases our mental health. I can say without a doubt-my fur kid Josie has done this for me

2. They make us laugh. Dogs are always finding new ways to make us smile & chuckle! All breeds have their own personalities, their own expressions, and their own way of being funny. I can watch my dogs forever it seems when she gets a new toy to play with. Thank you to our four-legged friends for keeping us cracking up!

3. They keep us active. Because they need regular walks, play time, and socialization in order to keep both mentally and physically stimulated, our pets keep us active! Dogs make terrific running, walking, or hiking companions. Personally, Josie loves to hike and go to the park where we meet up with a ton of my new friends, and her fur buddies.  So, high fives, or high paws to our pets for keeping us full of energy and for keeping us moving.

4. They challenge us. Some pets are easier than others. Some are a more natural fit for your lifestyle. All animals deserve a chance at a happy life. We know that there are pets who may need a little more work, effort, or learning on our part in order to thrive. Yet, time and time again even pets who challenge us offer tremendous value, and always reward us with as much as we put in. Whether it’s a more difficult pet with behavioral or health issues, a dog who takes extra time to smell the grass on a walk, all animals require consistency, patience, and love from us in order to succeed. We get to become a team with our pets as we work with them. So, to all the animals out there who test us and show us what we’re made of-Thank you.

5. They make great teachers & listeners. They’re non-judgemental. We can make mistakes in front of them and they don’t mind. They’re always there to lick away a tear or cuddle next to us when we need support or listen to us lose it. Pets allow us to learn as we go, to fail, and to be imperfect – and they love us anyway. We are indebted to animals for accepting us just as we are-human.

6. They keep us company. Who doesn’t love a good snuggle buddy to enjoy a good movie with? Dogs make fantastic friends because they are simply masters in loyalty and companionship. It’s hard to be lonely when you have a devoted fur kid to spend your time with. I appreciate my lil Josie for always wanting to be with me, no matter where it is I need to go-she is up for the ride and “dog surfing”.

7. They make us feel special. Let’s be honest we all love how excited our pets get each and every time we come home! Even when you just step out of the shower, the display of adoration and dedication is good for the ego. Animals aren’t afraid or embarrassed to shower us with love and to show us how much we mean to them. We are so grateful to our fur-kids for making us feel as awesome and interesting as the rock stars we are!

8. They keep us present. Animals don’t live in the past or in the future. They’re present. They’re like little furry Buddhas walking around! They remind us to be mindful, to take deep breaths, to let go of past or future moments and be in the now. We thank our pets for reminding us that the present is a gift. Words will never express how being more present and stopping work everyday to just go to the park, has changed me for the better-mentally & physically.

9. They protect us. You can always count on your dog to let you know when someone is at the front door, or walking by. They, or most would lay their own life on the line to protect you.  They are pack animals and we are their pack.  Just like Moms & Dads-they will do anything to keep us safe and protected. We may not like when they bark-but be thankful they do as it reminds us to be aware of things happening around us since many of us are buried these days in our mobile devices.

10. They save lives. The day you either adopted or rescued your pet is the day they saved your life right back. Dogs help so many people’s lives every day who experience anxiety, have issues, they can sniff out bombs, find people, or by being a service animal. They ask for nothing in return except for Love. We could all learn something from Dogs.


So, as you enjoy your turkey dinner with all the trimmings (mmm, stuffing) and you go around your family table sharing your blessings for the year, don’t forget to share some love with the fur kids in your life who give us so many reasons to be grateful as well.


Always try and rescue when pawsible…


Dawn McCarthy


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