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Dawn McCarthy Nov 5 2017   KCAL - Los Angeles


Dawn McCarthy is happy to give you a sneak peak into some great ideas for the holidays.



SAMBA SOL is a friendly, forward-thinking company. We are a fast growing company because we always put the customer first.  Shop with us today and see the Samba Sol difference! Samba Sol flip flops are made with 100% recycled, biodegradable Brazilian rubber, called Bio Rubber.  Bio Rubber decomposes in only 5 years- as opposed to the 700 years that synthetic rubber products take. Samba Sol is proud to do their part—this year alone, their Brazilian factories will recycle over 660,000 pounds of rubber!




VITACUP VitaCup is helping people get up and conquer the world through vitamin infused coffee and tea pods. They have a combination of B and D vitamins plus antioxidants to help you be at your best without ever sacrificing taste. VitaCup has 6 different flavors including decaf for every coffee lover!






BASIC OUTFITTERS’ CREATE-A-DRAWER Seen on Shark Tank, Basic Outfitters' Create-a-Drawer allows guys to ditch their worn out attire and replenish their wardrobe of basics in under two minutes with a collection of high quality and fashionable socks, underwear, tees and joggers delivered right to their door for only $60 (a $120 value).   





POTTYMINTS  are the first Dissolvable Air Freshener Tablets for the bathroom. After you Flush, Drop the pottymint into the clean water, and the pottymint dissolves leaving the bathroom smelling beautiful for the next 2-3 flushes! Pottymints are non-toxic, septic safe, and travel-friendly. Available in 3 lasting fresh fragrances!





NANOE MOISTURE INFUSION HAIR DRYER EH-NA65-K captures moisture from the air and infuses it back into hair with nanoe™ ions.  The Hair Dryer includes three temperature settings, hot, warm and cool, to effectively style hair and a cool shot button which helps lock in hair styles.  A removable filter makes cleaning hair and dust particles easy.  The EH-NA65-K nanoe™ Hair Dryer also comes with three attachments including a diffuser, set nozzle, for precise styling, and the new quick-dry nozzle, which is unique to Panasonic.  With the quick-dry nozzle, air is dispersed throughout the head to create two sections of strong air flow in the center, and softer air flow on the perimeter.



MEN’S PRECISION POWER BEARD, MUSTACHE AND HAIR TRIMMER-ER-SB40-K  This fall, Panasonic introduced a premium Beard Trimmer: ER- SB40 – a winner of a 2017 GQ Grooming Award. The trimmer features exceptional performance with its advanced blade with wider tip and linear motor exclusively developed for beard trimming.The new blade tips wider design catches more whiskers at once, creating sharp beard lines. The blades’ high quality Japanese stainless steel composition implicates high rust-resistance and durability.The ER-SB40 Beard Trimmer achieves the highest cutting speed by integrating a linear motor that offers constant cutting power from start to finish. It realizes smooth, efficient cutting without causing painful pulling or tugging of whiskers for comfortable hair trimming all the time.






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