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Best New Toys & Products for Kids

Dawn McCarthy  March 10, 2017   THE NINE-FOX San Francisco


Dawn McCarthy ) is happy to present some amazing products that will have your kids loving “Spring”.



JUPITER CREATIONS provides a stimulating creative experience for children and families through innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products that are marketed worldwide. The lines of Bbuddieez, Choco Fun-Do, and the I​CEE Float Maker are just a few of the products by Jupiter Creations that will not only be having your kids excited and learning, but the entire family! These are great gifts as well to bring to kids parties.​




CALLIOPE GAMES - is a family-run company publishing fun, affordable, quality tabletop games meeting the time constraints of our busy 21st century lifestyles. It’s our hope that our titles will inspire fun interactions between you and your loved ones. Roll For It, Tsuro: The Game of the Path, and Hive Mind are just a few of the games that I have enjoyed. Game On!




ORAJEL - There is a Baby Orajel product available for every step in your child’s oral care journey. From beginning to end, Baby Orajel will keep your child’s mouth clean and include characters such as Elmo, Thomas the Train, and Paw Patrol on the packaging to make brushing fun. Orajel is the go to product for all your kids needs and can be found at Target and Walmart making it convenient too!




CU LIGHTS is a new fun and hip brand of Kids Denim that incorporates fiber optic light technology into its denim. These Jeans have a patented, water proof and washable light-up fiber optic embellished pocket! It is sure to revolutionize the boring world of kids denim. Moms love them because they are water proof and washable, kids love them because they are super cool and light up. “You move, I light up” collect them all.




BUBBLE BUM - Award-winning BubbleBum is the original, inflatable car booster seat for kids aged 4-11 years, weighing 40-100 lbs. Weighing less than one pound, BubbleBum can deflate in minutes, making it simple to throw in a backpack. BubbleBum helps ensure that EVERY child has a safe booster seat on EVERY ride.







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