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Top Products for the Kids in the Family

Dawn McCarthy  March 1, 2017   Good Things Utah


Dawn McCarthy is happy to showcase some top products for the kids in your family.




STEP UP PETS - Adorable "plush-with-a-purpose" step stool pets every home with a child NEEDS! SUP's are the most lovable, comfortable step stools on the planet, inspiring kids to gain confidence, build independence and achieve small goals every day. Cozy when feet are wet, comfy all year around and great for pretend play. Washable, holds 200lbs.




CU LIGHTS (light up denim jeans) -  CU Lights is a new fun and hip brand of Kids Denim that incorporates fiber optic light technology into its denim. These Jeans have a patented, water proof and washable light-up fiber optic embellished pocket! It is sure to revolutionize the boring world of kids denim. Moms love them because they are water proof and washable, kids love them because they are super cool and light up. “You move, I light up” collect them all.




ASL for Children! Featuring ASL Babies and Once Upon a Sign - In recent years, interest in signing with kids has skyrocketed. Studies show that using sign language with kids offers a wealth of benefits for kids’ communication development. So check out your one stop shop for signing with children! We have you covered from babies to people of all ages!




BABY ORAJEL- There is a Baby Orajel product available for every step in your child’s oral care journey. From beginning to end, Baby Orajel will keep your child’s mouth clean and include characters such as Elmo and Paw Patrol on the packaging to make brushing fun. Pick up at any local Walmart or Target




POTTY BOSS: Reusable, portable and foldable kids toilet seat cover. Keep your children healthier, away from germs and safer in a public bathrooms. With Potty Boss, you can be sanitary anywhere and anytime that you are away from home. Comes with a carrying bag as well for traveling, and in 4 different colors (blue, pink, green and orange) Available online only at







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