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First Time Fur Mom on Father's Day

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Depending on the type of person you are when the word domestic pet comes up the first thing usually thought of is dog. Dogs are loyal animals that if treated properly love their owners unconditionally. But why do we consider them “Man’s Best Friend” when they’re just animals?  PBS states that the heritage of dogs traces directly to that of the gray wolf, meaning that many of the biological behaviors exhibited in wolfs are transferred directly to dogs, for example wolfs are primarily pack animals meaning they hunt in packs and are extremely loyal to each other. They use their numbers to survive in the wild and are very feral because it is necessary for their survival, however dogs are also pack animals that have been domesticated, so while they do not have a need for that kill or be killed instinct that is so common in wolves they are still fiercely loyal to those they consider part of their pack i.e. humans.


So, since “Man’s Best Friend “is considered the dog, and it’s Father’s Day, let me introduce you too, my fur kids dog Dad , Tim.  As you know from my past articles, Josie was a rescue, and it was Tim’s brother Mike who was out late night working who found the box of puppies in the trash.


Just like any animal, dogs have their special people that are part of their pack, that they just react to differently when they come home or they just see them coming. When Josie hears Tim, or maybe it’s his smell, the tail starts to wag, she lets out a little wine and can’t wait for him to pick her up if she has not already jumped into his car to greet him.


Tim has always loved dogs and Yes, he is this big guy as you can see by the photos , holding and loving a little 17lbs “premium blend”.  He and his family have always had dogs, and Josie holds a special place in his heart.  She has him wrapped around her little paw, you could say.  They have a special bond, you can see and feel. He like me, has no children yet, so like many- the fur kids become like your kids.  Josie is such a lucky little dog that you can find her by his side shopping at the Nike outlet stores, to just going for rides in the car.  Her favorite past time is at the park playing ball, and he can throw the ball the farthest so always loves when he stops by to play.  Any relationship with an animal that a female or male shares with their pet is always special to watch and see they type of person they can be…good or bad.  Seeing a guy, who loves his dog, is good to them, cares for them, is something special, and has shown me a lot about my best friend and Josie’s Dad.  So, a very happy Fathers’ Day to all the Dads out there and the Dog Dad’s too who help, love and support the fur members in the family.





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