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Portable Beauty

Dawn McCarthy • July 30, 2018 • Las Vegas Now


Dawn McCarthy is happy to present “some great Portable Beauty products that you can use in your everyday life”



Iderma Youth Restoring Masque- The iderma is a hands-free, home LED therapy which uses gentle red and infrared light to enhance the skin’s cellular function and reverse the visible signs of aging. Its 128 LEDs treat your entire face at the same time for a noticeably fresher, smother and more youthful complexion in just 30-60 days. idermaskincare.com





EASY UPDO® Extensions are the perfect ‘fast fashion’ hair styling accessory for any age or lifestyle.  Just reach for these fun twist-and-braid extensions when you have no time to fuss – but want to quickly boost the volume, length or style for any occasion. They are lightweight, natural looking and color-blended. You simply attach to any pony (short or long) with an elastic—and then twist or braid, wrap and secure in place for the updo of your choice! No matter what your hair type, texture or length, it’s now EASY to create the newest runway and red carpet UP looks in seconds! theeasyupdo.com




Micro Beauty Essentials- Innovative flat roll-up packaging (think lip balm) is designed to deliver color and lightweight portability, making these creamy multi-use wonders super easy to use for beauty on the go. Stash them in your pocket, clutch, desk, or gym bag. Have fun creating your own signature look with these 3 beautiful shades! For Lips, Cheeks, Eyes, & Body. microbeautyessentials.com





The Valente Lusso - Oil Infused Iron- Meet the Valente Lusso- the world’s most luxurious hair straightener with essential oil infusion! Transform your strands with smoothing technology that works from the inside out to give you your best hair yet!  This proprietary hair straightener has rounded plates that can also be used to curl. The Lusso™ is great for all hair types, including hair extensions.  The infusion of water and essential oils nourishes the hair from inside and out by replenishing the hair follicle of nutrients. The Lusso™ is user friendly and functions like a regular hot iron- only better! valenteextensions.com




HairMax LaserBand 82-  The looming possibility of hair loss and a receding hairline exists for all of us. HairMax offers the first FDA-cleared, clinically proven and doctor recommended device that delivers therapeutic light energy through medical-grade lasers to stimulates hair follicles to reverse and restore thinning hair for both men and women. hairmax.com




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