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Summer Bazaar

Dawn McCarthy • July 18, 2018 • Arizona Midday


Dawn McCarthy is happy to present “Some fun products for the summer”



Gear Beast- The Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to keep his or her phone secure and protected while also making it immediately accessible. From nurses and other healthcare professionals to nature photographers, sports fans and even Pokémon Go players, this is the perfect solution. gearbeast.com





PARA’KITO™ Mosquito Repellent-When you buy PARA’KITO™, not only do you buy the worldwide leader in natural mosquito protection, you buy freedom in the most eco-friendly way possible. With a unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release technology and super-smart product design, PARA’KITO™ products offer the ultimate protection in a stylish way. parakito.com





BlastZ- GoGo squeeZ BlastZ is a new fruit on-the-go option made by the company that brings you GoGo squeeZ. In a 3.9 oz. pouch, compared to the leading fruit pouch at 3.2 oz., with bold taste to suit the wants and needs of tweens. GoGo squeeZ BlastZ is made from 100% fruit and only natural ingredients.  GoGo squeeZ BlastZ was co-created with tweens (8-12 years old). blastz.com




Iderma Youth Restoring Masque- The iderma is a hands-free, home LED therapy which uses gentle red and infrared light to enhance the skin’s cellular function and reverse the visible signs of aging. Its 128 LEDs treat your entire face at the same time for a noticeably fresher, smother and more youthful complexion in just 30-60 days. idermaskincare.com





Wonder Drink Kombucha- is the only drink on the market sold in both bottles and cans. It comes in 5 delectable flavors, is non-alcoholic, vegan and gluten-free (contains small amounts of caffeine and sugar). Each serving averages about 50 calories and boosts the benefits of Kombucha that we all love. wonderdrink.com




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Dawn's Corner 2015 | All rights reserved

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