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The Four Seasons Hollywood Swag Bag honoring  Oscar weekend

Dawn McCarthy • Feb. 28, 2018 • Las Vegas Now


Dawn McCarthy is happy to present "The Four Seasons Hollywood Swag Bag (HSB)-honoring Oscar weekend"  Unlike traditional gifting suites & lounges that occur during Oscar weekend-HSB has a little different angle to play to the privacy of the elite.  This bag isfilled with goodies, and will be gifted to this year's Presenters, Nominees and talent who will be at the 2018 Oscars.  The brands like the bag are from New York, and La Chance Vineyards is from Missour-but many of the brands are from around the world-representing Brazil with Sama-Sol, Luiere from Australia, Sangaria from Japan, and author Kerrie Denton from Australia.  We also have so many other brands but wanted to show you how in L.A. we consider Oscar one of our seasons-but Oscars is truly a global event-loved and shared worldwide.




lachancevineyards.com  (Missouri)

samba-sol.com                 (Brazil)

luiere.com                           (Australia)

sangaria.com                    (Chu-Hi Japan)

amazon.com                     (Australia)

thinkroyln.com                  (New York)




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