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4 Tips for When Your Dog is Home Alone Dawn McCarthy August 2017 . The Beauty Battalion It’s August and for many the back to school rush means more days are being spent out of the house leaving our fur kids home. Shopping for new school clothes, supplies, and attending back to school meetings, means less time spent at the dog park, taking long walks at night, or day trips to the beach. Your dog can feel the change in the house and daily routines that he’s adjusted to this summer. My fur kid is lucky enough that I graduated many years ago. However, with many park friends needing to change times for normal meet ups to get these Back to school things done, adjustments are happening. For me, since I travel a lot, below are some tips that get my pet used to me being gone for the day. Most important- try to stay as consistent as possible. Consistency keeps my Josie well adjusted with my changing monthly schedule. Also, couldn’t resist doing some pictures of Josie for Back to School-again #Firsttimefurmom-no shame…lol Turn on some Tunes, or the T.V. Whenever your dog is left alone, the sound of human voices or music can be soothing. This helps keep them calm since many pets can get anxiety when their family members leave. Take them for a walk in the morning for at least 20 to 30 minutes Pets do like to sleep during the day while you are gone, but help them get their rest by getting up just a little earlier and make sure they get in their exercise. It’s not only good for you, but them as well. If you have kids, get them involved-it’s great bonding time. Make sure they have toys, or leave them a treat. Enriching the environment with a constantly rotating selection of interesting and interactive toys is helpful in making your dog feel at home when they are alone. This also helps so they don’t take to destroying other things, or finding a shoe to use as a chew toy or something more expensive in your house. This is also a good time to give them a treat that will take them a little while to eat or a bone to help them pass the time while you are away. Only be gone for 4 to 6 hours or arrange a “Play Date”. This is a hard one for me personally, as I only leave Josie for about 4 hours alone. If you know you are going to be longer -best to take your pet to doggie day care that day, or I personally am lucky enough to have my family so close, so Josie goes there for the day. If you don’t have family, ask your other dog friends if your dog can have a play date-like kids do. In most cases so far that I have personally seen, it’s a win-win for all involved. This helps get your dog exercise, keeps them busy and happy and makes for a very happy dog by the time they get home. Always try to rescue when possible- First Time Fur Mom Dawn McCarthy- email me @




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